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Adventive is like a plant that develops in unusual, atypical places.


« Tout art est imitation de la nature. »

berangere haegy
Interior designer

For 15 years, I studied & worked in photography & visual arts both in France & abroad.

I turn now to the vegetable world through the design, the layout, the decoration and the scenography.

A designer at heart, I’m combining my creativity & my botanical knowledge, to dedicate myself to comapnies & individuals who whish to stand out thanks to  « custom made » plant arrangements.

I get to know their identity by using sculptures & objects to conceive a unique scenography.



Adventive caters for both companies & individuals wanting floral decoration, which corresponds to their personalities, desires & needs.

We aim to bring you the most efficient way of showing your environmlental commitment & developping your identity thanks to a totally unique vegetal design.

We believe in designing floral arrangements which are completely ecological, economical & stylish.


The stabilization is a patented, innovating and unique procedure for conserving plants.

It consists in replacing the ap of the plants progressively with natural products.

The stabalized plants are 100% natural, ecological, European, the stabalized vegetals do not need nor maintenance, nor water, nor earth nor light. Their life spand in around 5 to 7 years.


Make something & make it great.

Our approach is to help you introduce nature into atypical places. We help you bring an aesthetically pleasing & sustainable floral design into your work place & home, paying special attention to innovation & quality.

This quality can be found in the way we listen to you & give advice. Also in the care with which we select our plants & materials, your satisfaction our priority.


Our design office imagines and conceives on demand arrangements by modelizing them.

We collaborate with the best partners that we have selected in order to be up to the level of our quality standards.


  • Vegetal decorations modelization
  • Study, tips and quotes
  • Complete logistics